Club Management


Club Management: Bangalow Tennis Club is managed by a committee of up to ten members.  The present committee is:


President – Angus Southwell

Vice-President – Adrian Kennedy

Hon. Treasurer – Ben Redden

Hon. Secretary  – Annie Abbink



Damion Cavanagh (membership officer)

Jeremy Burn

Bernie Bligh

Debby Hayward (publicity officer)

Ruth Dare

Brandon Rowe (coach and non voting member).



The committee meets quarterly on a Wednesday at 7.00pm at the Bangalow Bowlo and holds its Annual General Meeting in June.


All positions on the committee are voluntary.  The club employs a coaching professional by contract and also a part-time cleaner.


The club operates under a constitution ratified by the New South Wales Incorporation Act of 2009.

Bangalow Tennis Management
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